$0,35 for a bit of happiness

Suchitoto, El Salvador a sweet little town close to San Salvador, that’s where we are staying at now. The small inexpensive hotel has a dark and dingy room, only one bed for the three of us and cold showers. It makes up for it with a marvellous view over the lake that we enjoy with breakfast every morning.

There isn’t much to do in Suchitoto but to enjoy the calm and pretty town and the friendly people. I am drafting this post sitting in the town square on a bench while Anton is playing with his ball with a local boy who in turn is sharing his candy. It’s his birthday and the boy is carrying a Peñada filled with joy. We quickly bought a plastic ball for $0,35 at the local store that both of them are now kicking around the cobblestones.

Even though I liked it everywhere we’ve been I have to say the Suchitoto people are the nicest so far. And no tourist stress around here. People mind their business, are happy to make a sale but aren’t pushing things at you. I enjoy that very much.

It seems people are very proud here. On Saturday and Sunday, men would go to church proudly wearing their cowboy hats while little girls were dressed like Disney’s Cinderella. First communion apparently is celebrated coming up Christmas here. So we’ve seen many mini-brides in baisé dresses, tiaras and lace gloves. Church took forever and after there were families gathering taking pictures. One of them saw Anton and asked to take a picture with him. Suddenly our little boy was the centre of attention one after the other asking for a picture with him.

Walking around town and its many galleries we started talking to one artist who has his pictures hanging in one of the galleries. The town is small so you meet people again and again. Last time we saw him he took us to the best hotel in town where one of his pictures is hanging and he was giving us a tour. The hotel has a lot of art displayed in the yard, hall and restaurant. What a super interesting and fun surprise!

Next, we want to see a waterfall outside town. While the town is nice and safe the tourist information told us not to go alone. The thing you do is go to the police station and make an appointment. So tomorrow we and our personal safeguard policeman will go up to see some waterfalls. And then we are off to Antigua in Guatemala.

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