New Beginnings

We’re going on a journey!

We’re going on a big one!

What a beautiful day!

We’re not scared!*

*inspired by „We’re Going on a Bear Hunt“ by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury

1.: We need a change – decided!

2.: New Beginnings – How to?

The first step is done, we’ve decided to take a break. But how? People usually plan months, sometimes years in advance before they go on a sabbatical. We are thinking about leaving in two to three months time. Is that even possible?

We have to check our finances, we have to arrange everything at work. What about our apartment? Can we rent it out or might we be able to exchange our home for the time of this journey? We’ve done it before and the home exchange vacation was a wonderful experience but could we find people who’d like to stay for a couple of weeks? Maybe it would be nicer just to rent a place somewhere nice and live here. But where?

Our kid goes to daycare. Can we just leave and come back in a couple of months? Are we giving our son incredible experiences travelling so young or are we just selfish and are yanking him out of his environment? Well, I guess we’ve answered that question for us already. It’s a bit of both, but remembering how much he liked going for a swim in the sea every morning in Thailand I can live with him missing his friends for a while. Especially when I think about the picture book I made for him to take to daycare and remembering the proud smile on his face showing it around.

What I need is a checklist and a mind map (I love that!) or else I think my mind will explode.

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