Major Decisions

We’ve decided a couple of things, major things, actually. We skipped the idea of a round the world tour (for now). It’s too much hassle, not enough time to travel and to plan and it can get expensive. Instead, we settled on Latin America. We haven’t been there yet and we think we can swing it financially (always a big issue – so I’m going to miss out on Australia for now).

First, we have to get our finances straight. Since we didn’t plan in advance that much we have to come up with ideas quickly. Airbnb seems like a good way of covering some of our regular costs, so we are seeking people who would like to rent our flat. Other than that we also still hope to find some people to swap homes with us.

I love the kindle samples and read up on a couple of travel books already. Latin America seems like a fun adventure! Maybe I even get to finally learn some Spanish. First, we thought we might want to start in Equador but checking up on the flights there we decided differently (3 stops with a toddler doesn’t look like a fun trip). Instead, we start wherever we can find the best deal. Right now it seems that we might get good flights to Mexico and a friend keeps telling us how beautiful it is. I like the idea of travelling where the wind takes us.

Also, we know when our last day of works will be (and our first day back for that matter). August 31st,2012 we will say goodbye to colleagues, employees and business partners and we will be back on March 1st, 2o13. The first couple of weeks we plan on finalising everything that has to be done and spending some time with our family. Hoping to leave to our actual journey by the end of September.

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