Telling the (grand)parents

Next to organising everything travel related we had to tell our families sooner or later. Not only are they are going to miss their grandson for about 6 months but also will we miss family Christmas. Tough. They took it in stride. The only questions they asked were about vaccination (appointments for that are fixed) and the safety of the single countries ar planning on travelling to. I can only imagine that they remembered the happy pictures and tales from our Thailand trip. Maybe they are even going to visit?

The rest of our family and friends are just happy with and for us (thanks!). It’s good to know that we have the family on board. I’d hate to travel knowing they are worried all the time. They might be a little bit, though. A real goodie is that we plan on meeting the grandparents for a skiing trip in the Alps by the end of our sabbatical.
It’s also time to tell our son (2 1/2 yrs.) that we are planning a big journey again. The outlook of aeroplanes and new friends „just like in Thailand“ make him happy. First, we started with an excursion to the German Museum of Technology looking at aeroplanes!

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