Barefoot on an Island

We’ve been on the island of Caye Caulker for three days now, seen storms, heavy rain, got sunburn and went out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we might not see much more of Belize than that (sorry). The relaxed atmosphere and slow pace gets to us. We’ve got no desire to move.
Go slow
One of the latest attractions on the island is one pickup and one digger, both used for construction and are going to be shipped off again as soon as the work is done. Other than that people here take their golf cart, bike or they just walk to places. Supposedly it takes about two hours to walk around the whole island. The streets are sand, no need for shoes. The lack of automobile noise is very refreshing. The sight of golf cart taxis and traffic control („go slow“) is just hilarious. Dudes just seem to hang here, American tourists – a lot pensioners – enjoy the easiness of getting around speaking English and using US dollars and locals are friendly living off the tourists, probably still enjoying the calm of the off season. Other travellers in our guest house on the other hand enjoy the taste of some weed (which I can smell while I’m writing this) against all warnings.

Glitter fish
The views and feel here are spectacular and unexpected. It’s more reggae than salsa and merengue here. We’ve seen cloudy, stormy skys and have been surprised by heavy rain and the lack of it, despite the clouds. Nevertheless I managed to get sunburned (rookie mistake). At the split, just a couple of steps from our hotel there is sort of a pool in the sea, perfect for Anton to stay and play in and for us to relax. Little colourful fish swim in there. It’s like watching an aquarium. Maybe we shout get some snorkelling gear? But again, maybe it‘ s to much hassle. Go slow! What makes it even more swingin‘ is the bar with it’s reggae music right next to it. It’s hard not to start drinking by 10am.
We met some German travellers there, two girls from cologne and Anton just kept yapping away. He probably missed talking to people. Asked how old he is he answered that his birthday will be soon, when he is back home, together with his friend Stine. And they will have presents! And cake, with heart shaped sprinkles!
Do we taste the „real“ Belize here? Other than the conch I don’t know. We had breakfast at a lovely place with great coffee (something I learned to cherish from day one of this journey). The food is probably more tourist-food but good. The little bakery in the village sells sweet baked goods and some hot dogs in a roll. The sweet lady from the bakery fell in love with Anton and already greets him with a hug and a free doughnut. Of course we are going back there more than once a day. What I gather is that they eat a lot grilled, I would too if I had the weather for it in Berlin. The grilled fish and chicken we had was good, lots of spices but not hot. Good for us all to share. Never tasted the scrimp kebab unfortunately, Anton got to that first.
Our life here
We take a lot of time sleeping and thinking, writing – obviously. Anton needs a lot of attention, too. Sometimes that’s even pretty exhausting. We all need to deal with all of these impressions and we all do it differently, sometimes have contrary needs. While Anton needs to exhaust himself physically and then talk about everything before going to bed, we need a lot quiet time to process everything. We all are still searching for a rhythm. The good thing is we have time and are happy.

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