Change of Plans

We promised Anton we’d go to Panama where it smells like bananas according to one of his favourite books „Oh wie schoen ist Panama“ by Janosch. Now we are not sure if we should lie and tell him – this is Panama – the next time we see some bananas or if we try to explain to him that Mom and Dad really did not care for a Costa Rica and weren’t oh so keen on Panama itself that they planned a trip through an earthquake region instead.
We’ve left El Salvador unseen, spend only little time in Honduras and were afraid of Guatemala but when we tried to decide were to go next in Costa Rica we really couldn’t. There was nothing in our trusted Lonely Planet we wanted to see in our travel range. And we still haven’t reached half time yet. So after some agonising and boring evenings reading the travel guide over we called the airline and changed our reservation from Panama to Cancun and we’ll even be back in Germany a couple of days earlier which will cut us some slack before we are off to Austria and beautiful Schladming to ski.
So what now? We plan on going through El Salvador after all, maybe back through Honduras, then Guatemala (when you figure out how to travel it isn’t that scary after all) and back to Mexico which we fell in love with and I’ll cherish those comfortable busses with the questionable movie selection. San Christobal is supposed to have a German bakery and be very pretty. Good plan! Fantastic! I was happy, happy, happy.
Then we were without internet for two days, being unsure if there was something about some election or other, no news came through to us. But there are trusted German friends who will send us all the news we need: earthquake in Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize. Let’s see how that develops. First we want to see Granda here in Nicaragua and we’ll see how everything is in a couple of weeks. For now we are still happy with beach and playground, are happy and healthy. We’ll keep you posted.

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