Chicken Rescue Mission

For a couple of days, we are sharing the house with Kelly, Liesbeth and Todd, from now on we shall call him Todd the magnificent. Todd carries an assortment of gadgets in his backpack and mind you

he is travelling with a regular backpack. He has three flashlights, has used all of them already, a book of knots (that always might come in handy), a water filter (I envy him for that) and a pair of working gloves, also used them already.
We were sitting in the kitchen today minding our own business, living just in the day as we saw a chicken in the backyard. How nice, maybe it’ll leave us an egg? After a while, we heard a riot outside and we were thinking, who’s making chicken wings out of our nice little chick in the backyard when the poor thing was chased by a dog towards the back door and got stuck in the fence.
That’s when Todd the magnificent got up took his working gloves to rescue the poor creature. Unfortunately, the chick had put it’s wings through the bars already so pulling it back would have resulted in some wings but we insisted that he’d only be allowed to kill it if he was prepared to actually prepare it. So, Todd, the magnificent pushed it out the fence and as a result chased it through the house.

Now the chicken is back at the neighbours where it belongs, so no eggs for us but a big applause for Todd the magnificent for rescuing the chicken.


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