Oh my, just about going to bed, when I ask Rainer: „Hey did you ever look up what that thing was we ate tonight? Conch or something?“ Let’s just google it:
I’m a bit fussy with food. I love food and new tastes, but just within my comfort zone. Tonight the very nice lady at the restaurant offered us fresh barracuda and lobster but we aimed for the great unknown. It actually tasted good, the flesh is chewy and was seasoned well. But the image of the living conch and my food tonight are still a bit disturbing to me. Anton liked it, too.
I guess we’ve tasted the real Belize know since I see the shells lying around everywhere.


  1. Ulli

    Alter Trick, den ich während meines semster abroad in Südfrankreich immer angewendet habe: wenn ich mir nicht sicher war, was ich gegessen habe (egal, ob es mir geschmeckt hat oder nicht), dann habe ich es immer erst drei Tage später nachgeschaut. Da wusste ich wenigstens, dass wir schon getrennte Wege gehen. 😉

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