Do we really need that Bluetooth keyboard?

Certainly not! But we’ve been carrying it around Central America for the last three months. I can’t even really remember what Rainer told me we needed it for but at the time we thought it might come in handy.

So what tech equipment are we carrying actually?
We both have an iPad and the most used app on both is the Kindle app. We’d never thought it possible but since we both read ebooks we even read a lot more than before.

Two iPhones also accompany us. Most used apps here: offline maps, currency converter (that also works offline) and I keep track on the budget. Rainer drags his laptop and a Bluetooth keyboard for it around, as well as his portable drive. I didn’t want to carry my laptop and haven’t missed it. I even write this whole blog on my iPad (pictures are uploaded from the laptop).

A lovely addition to the regular apple covers for the iPad is the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. It’s a cover, a keyboard or just a stand for the device. I like to type on it but I take it off for simple reading because it makes the iPad so damn heavy.

The WordPress app is okay and necessary to upload pictures from iPad or iPhone. Unfortunately it didn’t let me work with them properly and Safari wasn’t helpful either. So I had to install an alternate browser (iCabMobile). Works out but I hope the WordPress app will develop forward soon.

We tried to solve the problem of how to get our pictures from the camera onto some device for backup and into our blog and Dropbox without a laptop and didn’t find a good enough solution. If we’d have we might have left the laptop at home. But right now all the pictures are sorted on Rainer’s computer. The good thing about it is that we come home with a sorted picture drive.

Our camera is an Olympus XZ-1 – our goal was finding a camera that still fits in the pockets of Rainer’s trousers (or my handbag) but still makes good enough pictures. For two weeks now Rainer is browsing blogs and websites and wants us to buy the new Sony RX 100. We even tried in vain to find it here in Antigua. We’ll try again wherever we go I guess. 😉

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