First days at home

Since Sept. 1st we are at home, not working. Well, that’s not entirely true. My calendar is filled with things like cleaning and clearing out the kitchen, making room in the chamber, checking the medicine cabinet and first aid kit,… My dearest husband has still some business meetings to attend to, my mother-in-law is arriving for her 75th birthday and of course, there is the matter of what to take on a four-month journey. Our heads are spinning. We actually thought we might have some time to ourselves before we leave but three weeks „idle“ time aren’t really long enough. But I get the feeling that no matter if we stayed 4 weeks or 8 in Berlin before we leave we might still think there isn’t enough time to prepare and have time to spend doing not much. Because that’s what we do, we keep ourselves busy.

But to be quite honest it is lovely to set the pace of the day ourselves. Yesterday we spend the morning super busy. For lunch, we went outside for a quick bite, met some people, had coffee, talked a little more, picked up out son from kindergarten, spend some time in the park. Lovely! Can’t remember when I did that last without hassle, just going with the flow. But the again at night, when I thought about the great day we had the little voice in my head kept reminding me of all the things I didn’t do yesterday. Why is that? Carpe diem, don’t care about laundry for one day. That shouldn’t be so hard, shouldn’t it ?!

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