From Belize to Honduras

From heat to rain, that perfectly describes our journey to Honduras. We left Caye Caulker by boat towards Belize City in the early morning heat. From there we took a weekly boat, the Pride of Belize to Puerto Cortes, Honduras biggest deep sea port. The crossing was nice and calm, we expected a lot worse when they started handing out sea sickness pills. The biggest sight for me were two little girls in diapers and heels. The city of Puerto Cortes was our first stop in Honduras, limiting our travel time per day due to Anton.

There isn’t much to say about the city. Lonely planet describes it as a town people just pass through and where you shouldn’t be outside after nightfall. Seeing heavily armed private securities at entrances to supermarkets and convenient stores didn’t really make me feel safer there. For Anton we found something special, a Wendy’s fast food restaurant with an indoor playground. His first encounter with the plastic toys that come with the kids meals. He loves his new dinosaur and can nearly pronounce palaeontologist now and fast food restaurants in general. Also he started playing with a local boy, encounters we love and haven’t had much of yet. In the night the heavy rain started.
From Puerto Cortes we took a bus to San Pedro Sula. And from there we connected to the bus town to Lake Yojoa. The ride through the mountains and the view of the lush jungle was very nice. Fortunately in the morning the rain had stopped, so we actually were able to see a lot along the way. The bus ride was fun. it was a mini bus, they called them colectivo in Mexico here they are rapidos. And it was packed! I can’t believe they put that many people on the bus and managed to stop everywhere getting vendors in to sell drinks, litchis and dried bananas. Shortly after we arrived at the D&D brewery, a backpackers hotspot and our new home for a couple of days, the rain started again. Fortunately our cabaña is rather big.
The days of travel are tough on Aton since he has to sit still for a long period of time and the schedule can’t be arranged to his needs. The days after arrival are also tougher on all of us, since we have to adjust over again. Maybe we will see less during this journey and stay longer at one location. That way we have more stability and more routine in our lives. Right now we have to start planning how we want to proceed. We were thinking about crossing through El Salvador but might just look for a place to stay for a couple of weeks in Nicaragua right away, making us a home again from home. Who knows, we are still figuring it out. Lets call it the prototype journey. That implies more should follow 😉

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