Hello Nicaragua

Road trip day two was equally fantastic (here’s day one). I would have never guessed how pretty Honduras‘ and Nicaragua’s countryside would be. Even Anton spend part of the bus ride glued to the window. I kept trying to take photographs with my mobile phone. I would have loved to be able to ride this particular part of the journey with a car. But chance would be we’d still be somewhere on the road taking pictures. Coming closer and closer so Leon, Nicaragua our home for the coming month we saw the volcanoes rise and are determined to learn more about the country, countryside and to climb one.
Right now we are enjoying the calm of our home away from home. We rented a house in Leon. A major highlight for all of us but especially Anton. He gets to have his own room! We came in, he looked at it and claimed his „Kinderzimmer“ and has been happy since. He hasn’t been able to settle in a new environment so easily, like in this house here since we started this journey. The fridge is well stocked now, the beds comfortable and the shower a dream come true. Even doing laundry was fun… well sort of 😉
Today we took a short stroll through central Leon and it looks pretty! The old colonial town which has the air of a new beginning. We are looking very much forward to getting to know it more. In Tegucigalpa Anton said to me:
Look, Mami all those broken houses.
They weren’t broken just not maintained well and the colour was fading and breaking off. Leon doesn’t look like Disneyland after a make-over but you see the pride in the city and less litter and neglect. Again people are nice and welcoming and of course like so see and touch this pretty blond boy of ours (mother’s pride :))
Sitting here writing we are waiting for our guests – yes, we are able to have guests and I get to cook for them! People who know me do know that makes me happy. I even thought about making Spätzle but this time I don’t carry a Spätzle making device of any kind (there are rumours about this crazy German family that carries a so-called „Spätzle Hobel“ halfway around the world when they travel). Todd, Kelly and Lisbeth are due to arrive this afternoon. We met them in Honduras and started talking. Turned out we were all heading in the same direction, just on different days. So they will join us in our guest room – I can’t believe I get to say this. Anyone else around? 😉


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