Hello World

I am starting this blog in midst of all our thoughts about taking a break from our everyday life. We don’t know how exactly but we know that we are planning on taking a break, leaving Berlin, our jobs behind for a while, travelling, experiencing the world or just a little part of it. All we know is we want out, feeling as relaxed as we have travelling through Thailand in December 2011/January 2012.

So we have been taking a break already, tried to refuel by the end of last year. But it didn’t last long. The thoughts that we needed to change something dramatically came back, rather soon after our return home. But I am happy that we took that trip. It took away my mommy fears of travelling long distances with a toddler to unknown locations and foreign cultures. He loved it! So did we!

There is an interesting website by fellow Berliners (Germany only) who are travelling for the third time right now with their kids (http://www.weltreise-mit-kind.de/). They give a lot of info and are apparently writing a book on that subject. Many tips I got from them put my mind at ease when we travelled long distance for the first time. When you search there are more blogs out there of people taking off for a couple of months. So we aren’t that crazy after all.



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