Hi Alemanes!

If there are any sidewalks in the centre of Leon they are narrow and resemble stairs going up and down two steps most of the time, have holes or people are just sitting outside. Cars, busses filled up so that people are clinging to the outside or are sitting on the roof, taxis, bikes, motorbikes with two adults two kids and an infant race by you, crossing streets at rush hour is a matter of gut and guess. Holding hands with Anton is mandatory and sometimes stressful for me. The people of Leon glide through the traffic seamlessly.
In midst of that we hear

Hi, I’ve seen you around. You live in Subtiava (district in Leon) , right? I’m not stalking you, I’ve just seen you around. Where are you from?

We’ve been noticed by the neighbourhood. We are the white family with the blond boy.


We small talked, got a few shakes of the head for

Why are you doing this? Not only travelling Nicaragua? Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, too???

And went our separate ways. Now we’ve seen each other a couple of times. Whenever he sees us he yells

Hi Alemanes, como estas?

and we wink back

Hola Jonathan, bien!

It’s neat to have a „neighbourhood“ again having left the best neighbours at home and missing them dearly. Today Jonathan payed us the best compliment. After some small talk he asked us how we’ve met and how long we know each other confiding in us that he is having lady-troubles.

I’m just asking, because you seem so very happy.

Well, yes we are!


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