I get to shop ;)

And that’s because I am in Cancún now and my luggage isn’t. The next Condor flight is Saturday and that’s when we expect my luggage. I am wearing trekking boots (of course, they are so bulky you don’t want to pack them) and I have one spare shirt and underwear in my carry on. It’s an adventure! Of course, it would be easier if we’d be able to get cash from any ATM with any of our cards. Skype is working so we were able to call the bank right away but they couldn’t help much. Oh, what a night (German time). We are about to go to bed now around 8 pm local time.
The flight was pleasant, also due to the fever, Anton developed which made him very sleepy (no need to mention that our first aid kit and all the medicine is packed in my lost bag). But he’s a real trooper, his only concern was that he did not get to see the beach today. Best kid to travel with!
Our guesthouse is simple but lovely. The two guys renting out the rooms are just adorable, but Anton is still afraid of their old Persian cat. We are very excited and tired at the same time. Sleep will either come right now or not at all.
Well needless to say we made sure our first accommodation has free wifi, luckily so.

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