It is Hallelujah!


What do people do in a church?

People celebrate, they pray and they sing.

What do they sing, Mami?

They sing Hallelujah.


Mama, it is Hallelujah!

Indeed it was a hallelujah. Coming home our host Nadir and his friend Diana were rehearsing. Nadir is a violinist and Diana sings. And we were privy to their practicing routine of some very beautiful Baroque pieces. For Anton it was like they were playing for him all alone.

Words fail me to describe the joy I felt seeing his little face listening to the music. It was happy, devout, concentrated and entranced, he was mouthing the hallelujah with Diana when she sang the highest notes. We haven’t seen him sitting down just listening for such a long period of time. Ever. A broken string on the violin just made the experience more exciting.

But then there came nap time and Nadir and Diana felt they needed to take a break. That’s when we took a crying kid to bed because the music had stopped. I had to promise to ask when they’ll be rehearsing again. And I hope they do.

So Berliners if you see that Diana Ramirez singing (she told us she’ll be back in February): Go! See her. If we are lucky we see Nadir Aslam in Berlin, too. We’d take Anton to hear them. I can even imagine him sitting through the concert – well the first half maybe, if a string breaks even longer.


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