Kitesurfing in Progreso

Today we were sitting at the Casa Rosa pool, playing with Anton, when we heard someone yelling: „Anybody home?“ and when a Sakira-look-alike stranded kitesurfer came up from the beach. That’s how we met Jessica.
It turns out Jessica is yet another energetic person building a business for herself here in the Progreso area. Not knowing anything about kitesurfing myself really, I learned that the area is perfect since there is enough wind almost every afternoon and the waters are shallow. Jessica has her own kitesurfing school in Progreso: Kite Beach Yucatan. She tells us that many people here in the community were really happy for her making third place in the World Championship and liked her idea of opening up the school so they contributed money, even just a couple of bucks, to her idea since she needed some to start in the first place. That was sometime last year. And now she is already booked out for some camps to come this main season.
We’ve met a couple of people making a nice business here and heard of some more. Should you be in the area and thinking of kitesurfing go to Jessica, for sure. If not just stay at Casa Rosa, Tony and Karen will make you feel at home and have some ideas for you what to do and where to go (they might even take you), good food you get at Carlos‘ restaurant La Playa in Chelem. He apparently learned from his grandma and she taught him well!

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