Last night

Last night was our last night in Merida, today it’s our last night in Mexico and Central America, tomorrow we’ll be somewhere across the Atlantic. I can’t believe it’s already over and at the same time I am looking so much forward to Spätzle and Schnitzel and all the good stuff my parents and mother in law cooks. I’m happysad.

Last night was also our farewell from new friends. For our last long stay in Mérida we were lucky again. We stayed with Gary and Mary from Utah – Austin/Texas – Mexico who bought a house, rent out two apartments and make you feel like you’re visiting family instead of strangers. Also staying with them are Kathie and Diane, two retired school teachers from Washington State, well travelled and most interesting people. We would meet at the pool in the morning where Gary serves coffee and talk. One day Anton asked me why we are not all eating together, we should invite them to the apartment.

Last night Gary and Mary invited us all to a farewell BBQ and we finally filled the big table with food, drinks and laughter. We enjoyed chicken and Texan sausages, the ladies bought German wine (thank you for that). We were all so happy. Anton (and I) learned how to make tortilla. Mary, your recipe will be well used! And then Anton said the most important thing of the evening:

Die sollen alle nach Berlin kommen, dann können wir am großem Tisch in unserer Wohnung zusammen essen!

They should all come to Berlin then we all can eat at the big table in our house!

Very well said, little one!


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