Life is slow

We are back – in Mexico, in Mérida. We have 8 days to go. We take it slow.
First we weren’t sure if coming back to a place or even an area we’ve been to before was a smart idea. Maybe a bit boring?

On the contrary. We’ve visited Mérida in our first two weeks of this trip – in October when it was unbearably hot. Now there’s a slight breeze and we are not overwhelmed by all the new things, language, culture, weather and so forth. We are actually able to take it all in now, enjoy more.

Knowing our way around a city, knowing how the markets work here how to get around with local busses gives us some freedom and security to open the eyes to the beauty of the town. So coming back was an excellent idea and Mérida is worth a visit or two 😉

But we are also ready to go home, see friends and family again. Anton is making plans for himself and his friend and neighbour. He’s planning on staying at his babysitters house and tells us that he’s going to the bakery with his grandfather. For us adults it also means that everyday life finds its way slowly back into our lives in forms of doctor’s appointments and lunch dates.

I am not ready to wrap this up already but know there won’t be any big adventures during our last couple of days in Mexico. It will all be happy tranquility.

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