London calling

imageGetting home and feeling at home wasn’t as easy as I had expected. This was of course due to the mess we found in the apartment but also due to my inability to relax. The place didn’t even smell like our home. And I wanted it to be clean and free of the strange karma (in lack of a better word) of the people who lived there so inconsiderably. Of course that can’t be done in a day. But we came along well.

So today I get a day of my own. Without worrying about getting the kid out of bed on time for kindergarten and no worries about laundry and other minor household problems. Rainer had his three days to himself just after we got back to Germany. I get mine now.

Writing this I am sitting at Fortnum and Mason’s restaurant in London enjoying the best cup of tea in ages having a late breakfast. I feel very sophisticated and happy right now. The person next to me sounds like Woody Allen an therefore must be a New Yorker 😉 . But the best is yet to come. I will attend a matinee of A Twelfth Night with Stephen Fry this afternoon. It’s all very exciting.

Having time for ourselves is great after four months of spending practically 24 hours together. But to be honest it also needs some getting used to. I sometimes miss the noise and nearness of my two boys around me. It’s again a readjusting to the new/old situation. Just with a little bit more appreciation. We are so lucky!

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