Midnight Train to Georgia

To be frank, I love grilled food and also the side dishes we got here with cabbage and other veggies but (here comes the but) after a couple of days it feels like always the same. After trying the conch we went for something better known the night after: lobster. Never had it in my life and the nice grill man on the street (that’s what we call him, not knowing his name) offered it to us. It was good, tasty, nicely grilled. Now I have to again aim for the but… But what’s the big deal? It is good, shrimp and prawns are, too. Easier to get, less expensive, easier to eat. Lobster: the iPhone of seafood?

Well, after all, the good BBQ we were happy to meet Greg. Don’t call him Gregory, that reminds him of his mom being angry at him. Greg is a nice Canadian world traveller who stranded on the island and now owns the Pizza Caulker. It is a pizza hut without being anything like Pizza Hut. Greg serves pizza, rum drinks that look mean and made the other guests laugh a lot 😉 and a nice collection of blues and soul music. So tonight we were on a midnight train to Georgia while we sipped our beer and ate a family sized pizza, swingin‘.

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