Mondays coffee is half price…

… but we’d even pay double. Good coffee for the first time since we came to Central America. Can you believe it? Mexico was the country of instant coffee, Belize had a brew that came close to coffee and some places that offered Espresso (stronger coffee in tiny cups, loved it at the time), Honduras was okay filter coffee, in Nicaragua we cherished the French press, the cheapest supermarket coffee was drinkable the organic one tasted like wash water, El Salvador had a solid filter coffee for us and in Guatemala we are greeted by excellent coffee shops with unsweetened, strong and tasteful cafe con leche. Heaven!

Had we encountered Antigua in the beginning of this trip we might have found it too touristy, too many handy craft stores aimed at gringos, too many coffee to go containers. Right now it makes us smile. We love to see the colourful fabrics, little girls in traditional dresses and women carrying their heavy cargo on their heads. All this while we smile with every drop of hot caffeinated liquid that pass by our taste buds and glide down our throats.


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