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Walking along Cancún streets, Mérida bus stations, Progreso’s beach I seem to see a lot of overweight people and I wonder. I have seen so many overweight children the last couple of days. I can’t get over it. We had the most amazing fish. Rice and beans, something you find in a lot of Mexican dishes is healthy. But when you walk along the supermarket aisles you know what’s going on here: sugar. We found exactly one brand of yoghurt sugar-free. All other yoghurts (plain ones, no flavour) have added sugar. Granola – the same thing. Even Anton, loving everything sweet, didn’t finish his drink yoghurt. He tells us it’s sweet – no kidding. The people running the guest house also tell us that people here drink a lot of sodas. More sugar there. Most brands in the supermarket are familiar to me from the US. I guess these are some „accomplishments“ of globalisation along with fast food. Of course, I had to look it up since I didn’t trust myself ( And it’s true, Mexico has the most overweight people followed by the USA in all industrialised countries. This article is from 2010 I’m just guessing that it didn’t chance dramatically since then. But enough with that.
We love the salsa, tortillas with beans and a little cheese is a yummy snack. And best of all, we went to a fishermen’s hut with Karen from the guest house and bought some shrimp. Fresh from the sea. Oh my, they are yummy. We finished the first kilo today with pasta, which made Anton really smile again. He kept saying: „Thanks Mommy for cooking!“. The first batch we had yesterday just with a little garlic and some tomato salad. And there’s more in the freezer 😉 Another trip to the supermarket in Progreso today filled our fridge even more. Tomorrow we’ll have Paella with more shrimp.
Also fun is the market in Progreso. Three days a week it’s cruise ship day. That’s when the town comes to life and the markets go up. Tourists fill the streets and you can buy pretty Mayan clothes and nick nacks you never need. But of course, for us, the most fun are the food markets. Unfortunately, we missed most of the fish and meat market but the fruit & veggie stands are spectacular. We bought baby bananas and tomatoes, garlic, huge onions, lime of course and a very tasty pineapple. The lady gave us some green mandarins for free which are also surprisingly good. An Australian traveller pointed us toward a strange looking fruit he called custard apple. It looks odd but was also a treat.
While the Australians downstairs are playing the Bee Gees I have to go to bed. Anton’s internal clock is fully reset and he is up and ready by 6.30am at the latest.

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