Neighbours & Friends

Our last working days are approaching fast. Interestingly enough I’m getting creative again already. I have so many ideas I’d like to try and make work at work. Maybe all these ideas get sorted and palpable during our trip. Maybe they even get obsolete because everything changes in one way or another. Who knows?
While preparing, we had to take some further steps and make decisions. Unfortunately, we are going to lose our spot at the daycare facility our son is in. We might get back in but nothing is certain. That breaks my heart. When it comes to my kid and being a mum I turned into a Rosamunde Pilcher kind of person. Everything has to be neat and proper and pretty and all problems have to turn out to be big misunderstandings by the end of the book/movie and everybody can be happy. The kids in Anton’s group are great, the parents are fun and interesting (important when you have to sit on a park bench for hours on end watching your kids sliding, swinging, baking sand cakes…) and the teachers are great. Of course, there will always be another great group, parents, kids, etc. But I’d really hate it for Anton and us to start all over again. He made friends there. Again we will not know how that’ll turn out but I’m not ready to let that ruin the trip.

More importantly, Anton has a best friend already. Our neighbour kid is Anton’s age, in the same daycare class and they love each other. He even calls her sister now. They see each other every day and when we get home they want to spend even more time with each other so that we have either two kids for dinner or none. How does that work with 2 1/2-year-olds? Are they going to miss each other? I for one are going to miss the neighbours. I love that straightforward way we have with each other and our kids. How is it going to be for him when we meet kids but they all speak a different language? Is he going to embrace that or might that scare him and make him feel lonely? I don’t think and hope so but these thoughts are starting to enter my head. The thought if we are being selfish or making a difference in Anton’s and our life is there again and again. Still, I’m thinking it’s worth it. This will be a very special experience in all our lives.
Maybe we even get visitors on our trip. Even Anton’s babysitter is considering a „gig“ in Central America 😉
Until then we have to make some salsa and bake some cakes for the following farewells and goodbyes to come.


  1. christiane

    Hi, I am a schoolfriend of Rainer and just found your blog and have some thoughts on the mum-issues 😉 We never did such a long trip with our kids (now 5, 3 and 3 months old), but we travel quite often to Barcelona where we have friends and where we will spend 6 months next year. Our older daughter actually missed her daycare friend very much when she moved away at age 2.5 – and now they are still friends and ask to see each other more or less regularly! So small kids can keep up friendships even when they dont see each other often! The language actually was no issue for our kids when they are small, but now at age 5 it becomes an issue for Svenja. Last year we had a very funny experience though with the 6 year old son of friends of us in BCN. He speaks italian, catalan and english and Svenja speaks german and understands some spanish – so no common language. The kids, after teasing each other for while, ended up going together on a quite steep roundabout – and the boy started crying while Svenja enjoyed it. When they came down they started teasing each other verbally, each in his language, saying more or less the same thing, clearly understanding each other by the sound and melody of the language…. very funny indeed….!
    Have a good time and I am looking forward to your experiences as I am starting to get nervous about our much smaller trip already….


    • Bergfest – from now on our return home isn’t so far away any more. Anton and his friend still miss each other (I hear on her Mom) 😉 but not in bad – i am so sad way – but more in a – hey what’s she up to way. Getting into contact with other kids here isn’t easy but when it’s happening wonderful to see. I’d love to hear from you how it is going with three kids if you want, when time comes. One is consuming us a lot and I wonder if it gets easier when there are more or not…

  2. Rainer

    It’s sounds like a fun little family you have there! Funny, you mention the daycare friends. This is the only concern that I still have about this trip, that Anton could start missing his friends at home or doesn’t find enough new friends to play with. I imaging myself at this age getting stuck with my parents for four months! I hope we find places where he can meet enough new kids and play with the locals here. If not we will have to stay at a Robinson Club for 4 months 😉

    About the language, Anton honestly said today he doesn’t want to learn Spanish, he only wants to speak English. I know it’s the first day and he’s still more proficient in English (he gets along very well with his basic vocabulary of about 6 words). We thought we didn’t want to impose any pressure but we will let him know he won’t get any icecream if he doesn’t speak Spanish soon. I’m very optimistic but at the same time a little worried that he might grow up with a Mexican accent. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe we have to come visit you for a couple of months to get his proper castellano straight.

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