Night Time Adventure

Super organised as we are we planned our trip to the jungle perfectly. Take the night bus at 7pm, arrive rested in Palenque at 7am, have breakfast, see he jungle. The guy next to me on the bus did just that: got on, cradled his leather briefcase, started snoring in Mérida, stopped in Palenque, got off. We weren’t that lucky.
Five minutes into the drive the movie started. Luckily they show teenage movies and cartoons (what’s with Toy Story in Mexico?) on the buses. Anton’s eyes were glued to the screen (since we don’t have a TV at home is even more interesting to him) but finally he fell asleep. My Spanish is non existent but following the plot of a teenage movie involving a girl, her dad, a black horse and a guy isn’t that hard. Sleep didn’t really come but I dosed off at some point during the horse drama. The bus stopped on and off the trip down south, so we woke up again and again. Another thing we weren’t aware of, so much for our planning skills, hmm. It was still night time, when all the other passengers started to get off and we found ourselves at our final destination already, ups it was 4am.
But hey, since nothing is open at that time, just do what the locals do. Sit in in the bus station, watch even more TV and wait for the sun to go up. Off course at 7am we weren’t able to find the Lonely Planet recommended breakfast restaurant which was supposed to have awesome coffee (and wifi). So we had bad coffee, only caffeine counts at such a time.
But who cares when you get off the colectivo, walk into he jungle and find a place to stay in the middle of trees, flowers and animals. We saw enormous ants, I „rescued“ two spiders out of our room, we saw an iguana and heard howler monkeys from far away. Everything looked just breathtaking.

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