One Church a Day…

… keeps the devil away. At least that’s what my uncle Hans always said when we dragged him in another one on sightseeing trips. Today we took our own little trip through the city of Leon. Anton kept asking us to visit some churches, keen on seeing the organs and of course asking A LOT of questions (I can’t even capitalise that big enough). So we did. Our little travel group took off in quest of more adventures. The first church we looked at was about to close as soon as we entered (in this heat even Jesus needs a siesta). The second was closed altogether, but on our second try the cathedral of Leon was open again and we could climb the stairs to have a view over Leon. The rules climbing up were printed in Spanish and in English (I still haven’t learned a word, so thanks)

Don’t touch the windows
No graffiti
No walking on the domes
Don’t ring the bells
and most importantly
Prohibited the romances

I just wanted to make out then and there…

So we didn’t do any of those things but we walked around, had a nice view over Leon and the volcanos.

All that made us very thirsty so we had a couple of bag waters a speciality here in Central America. You can buy a drink of water in a sealed plastic bag, rip off one corner and drink it from there. Less litter, less to carry around with you, seems reasonable. Lunch was super yummy for me because I had a Nicaraguan dish that I can’t name and for Liesbeth because we ate a hostel owned by Belgians who made a traditional Belgian dish she loved. So all were happy.

After a couple of days of yeast hunting (I am trying to bake brioche) in a couple of supermarkets and Anton’s outcries every time we had to tell him that we are sorry but they don’t have yeast here and him asking


and us answering

well it seems they don’t bake with it here

and him saying

but I like baking soooooo much!

we found it! There is a French bakery in town (apparently operated by a super nice Dutch lady) and they sold me some, yeah. So Anton and I will make some brioche and maybe the yeast will even make a small bread.

So now we are getting ready for sliding down a volcano tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

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