Racing Down a Volcano

Well I would have never guessed I’d do that but yes, I sled down an active volcano!
So glad we are a little traveling group. Today we split up, the guys went to the volcano in the morning and we girls got to go in the afternoon. Anton had to stay behind, which he didn’t like at all. We are looking to taking him up on a volcano some other day to see glowing lava. And we girls had fun!
On our way to the volcano Cerro Negro in Nicaragua, close to Leon our tour stopped at the ranger’s office first and we got to see (and some of us to touch) a real and wild Boa Constrictor. I really wasn’t brave enough to put it around my neck, but Liesbeth – the brave Belgian did. Even kijken:
The hike up wasn’t too bad as soon as I hung the board onto my backpack. But we girls were really lucky climbing up in the afternoon. The guys did the same hike in the morning and had been in the full sun the whole hike up. We got to go in the shade and it was still hot enough. The views were just incredibly breathtaking. The countryside is pretty so say the least. We were speechless most of the time. Thankfully the guide gave us a couple of breaks and new how to cheer us up with some music from his phone.
The smell of sulphur became more distinct the closer we came to the top. We saw steam coming out from the crater. But best was awaiting us when we reached the top. The sun was setting while we had time for another round of pictures and then had to put our suits on. Protective gear for our knees and elbows, a suit to cover the clothes, gargles to protect the eyes. When we finally got ready to race down it was so dark that we had a hard time seeing where we were going.
Here is my first attempt of a short video documentary to show what we were doing:

Liesbeth and I getting ready to go:

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