Street Art

Sometimes my husband just has the best ideas! Probably the best investment on this trip was his idea: a box of chalk. You know what I mean, the coloured chalk sticks that your teacher used on the black board. Not the fancy stuff they sell in toy stores at home called street chalk.

With this little box of chalk in my handbag even the swings and slides at the playground are of less interest by now. All our little boy wants to do is go to the park (here with lots of concrete) and colour. Local kids come and first watch him laying on his belly writing single letters, flowers and a sun. Then they look longingly at the chalk sticks. And then we make Anton offer them to the kids. By the end of another ten minutes kids are sitting on the ground colouring, getting chalk dust all over themselves, smiling. It’s tons of fun. And very relaxing for us parents. 😉

Antigua is a very relaxed city, comfortable enough not to miss too much from home (like good coffee) but still interesting and new. I feel very comfortable and relaxed here, probably also because it’s not so unbearably hot here like the rest of the places we stayed at. That’s why we are not doing much other than looking at ruins (or in Anton’s words being archeologists) or playing with chalk. What a happy live we lead!

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