Swimming in Diamonds

When it comes to water any ocean, in particular, I’m a wuss. Currents, waves, imaginary slimy fish that’s all not for me. Never has been, even as a kid. Our son is different. Last January in Thailand he was not afraid of the waves preceding a heavy tropical storm, wanting to go in again all the time. In Mexico, he swam with much little fish in a Cenote near Merida. I applaud him for that, trying not to show my fear.
But yesterday we were brave (Rainer also isn’t too fond of swimming with fish) and rented some snorkelling gear. Oh, what beautiful it is! What fun! I am so excited! (I think I need more exclamation marks.) I had known I liked it so much I would have brought a camera, but so all the beautiful images are only stored in my mind.
When I was a little girl, my uncle Hubert used to have a fish tank in the living room. I remember clearly that I loved to watch the fish when I was over and since it stood next to the door leading into the back yard I could snatch a peak on my way in and out the house. I loved that. All those memories came back to me while I was watching those fish whose miniature size relatives I would expect in an aquarium. Beautiful colours shimmering in the water, so close it seemed like I could touch them. People who have done that before might tell me I have seen nothing yet. But I just loved it. I don’t know most of the fish I have seen, I tried to google it (some examples are included at the end). I think I’ve seen a barracuda. But the most impressive to me were thousands of those tiny little fish, glimmering in the water. Again first I was a little afraid that I swam into one swarm by accident and then I did it on purpose (I hope that was okay and I didn’t disturb them much). They sparkled all around me. I felt like I was swimming in a sea of little moving diamonds.

And by the way, happy one month travel anniversary to us 😉




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