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When we thought about travelling with a toddler for the first time about a year ago we did what probably most people do: search the Internet. We were aiming for Thailand – I can’t imagine it getting any easier travelling with kids. Travel books with tips for family friendly trips are hard to come by. And the needs of parents and kids are so different. If you’ve flown before with a kid you might not worry about that part of the journey, for others that’s the first obstacle. That’s why I’m so amazed and thankful to all the writing parents who helped me facing my fears I had before we took off with Anton for the first time. I started collecting some sites for myself. Here are some I found interesting, helpful, funny and inspiring. And I hope to add more!

–>; revisiting blogs of travelling families, so I can post them here and what do I find? Some of them just met in Malaysia. Oh what fun must that have been.

Recent interview with a travelling mom that speaks from my heart on the topic of travelling with children, a toddler to be specific:

Amazing family of seven, they say about themselves „five children, a wheelchair and a serious case of wanderlust“:

Travel with bender, travelling Australians with two kids:

Fun to read and again, a long list of travelling blogs,mi still haven’t had a chance to look of all of them yet.

This blogger lists probably all you need to know about flying with children:

Fellow Berliners who where my first source of information, travelling with two kids:

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