Top 5 Caye Caulker

We’re getting closer to home, Berlin pictures show a happy winter wonderland and I already started reminiscing about the places we’ve seen on this trip. So this is my (and therefore most subjective) Top 5 of Caye Caulker experiences (since we haven’t seen much of Belize in general).

  1. The Split – At the Split that separated the island in two there is a bar, the lazy lizard. There’s a pool within the sea, knee deep perfect for kids to play in. In the afternoon there’s even shade and the rum drinks at the bar are two for one. Doesn’t matter if the music’s sometimes too loud for your taste.
  2. Snorkelling – Oh my, what fun! There are possibilities to go on snorkelling trips and they are supposed to be fun and exciting. If you are travelling with a little kid like we are, you can snorkel around the split in the morning. There’s lots to see, the kid can play in the pool and you can take turns watching fish.
  3. Walking Barefoot – No paved roads, nothing more dangerous than the occasional crap lurking out from their hiding place or a little stone on the road. Shoes aren’t really necessary and that’s why we practically never wore them the whole time we spend on the island. That was wonderful!
  4. Sunset – Caribbean sunset. Do I have to say more?
  5. Grilled food – Grilled food everywhere. In the street or the restaurants. Fresh fish and lobster. Super yumm-o!

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