Top 5 Guatemala

We haven’t been to Tikal which is supposed to be a must see in Guatemala. Nevertheless we’ve had lovely experiences and saw beautiful places in Guatemala. We’ve missed so much everywhere and gained even more by not rushing. My very personal top 5 of Guatemala:

    1. Hallelujah! – In Antigua we’ve stayed with Nadir, a violinist for 10 days. Apart from it being more or less a roommate living situation which made the stay more enjoyable, Nadir practised sometimes. We would never have thought that Anton could sit still for so long. When Nadir practised with his friend Diana (a singer) he was enchanted and so were we.

      Nadir Aslan & Diana Ramirez
    1. Coffee heaven – For the first time in months we had good coffee. writing this post in Mexico makes me miss it even more…


    1. Happy kids playing – When Anton makes friends and has a happy day that always seem to make it to the top 5 😉 In Antigua we met a British/Danish family with two boys and we ended up spending the whole morning together, pony ride and playground visit included.
    1. Fuentes Georginas – After being cold for days and missing the comfy blankets at Nadir’s house a trip to the hot springs was what we needed. Beautiful countryside on our way there included.
    1. Christmas Market – In Xela we saw a local market again. What made it special were two things: 1) we were more relaxed since we knew how the markets here work and 2) Christmas was coming up. There were even more colours and more tacky music. We loved it!

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