Top 5 Honduras & El Salvador

Since we’ve been to both countries only for a very short time I think neither would stand for a Top 5 alone. That’s why I put them together. Again, my top 5 – I can make the rules. 😉

  1. Pelota! – We bought a ball in Suchitoto for Anton and he made friends instantly in the town square.
  2. Border Crossings – We thought it would be a nightmare, 8 hours trip from Nicaragua to El Salvador but it turned out to be a fun trip and again we had great company in another German traveller.
  3. Friendly people – it was a happy surprise to find the El Salvadorian people so incredibly friendly. I was very happy there.
  4. Sitting around the fire – at the D&D Brewery in Honduras we were hit by storm Sandy before it was dangerously strong in the US. It was a lot of rain for a couple of days. After it stopped we were able to lit a fire and all guest came out to sit around the it. It was a fun night
  5. Bird watching – we took a walk though an National Park, saw birds and plants and landscape that was surprising lying pretty.

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