Top 5 León & Granada, Nicaragua

There are always two sides to everything. We stayed a whole month in León and got to experience everyday life there and on the other hand we didn’t see much more of the country. Travelling with a kid is considerably slower than without but it also gives you another perspective. Missing out on places while travelling isn’t a big deal. No matter what you never get to see everything it’s just important to experience everything with a little mindfulness.

Here is my personal top 5 of the places and the people we’ve seen in Nicaragua:

  1. Having friends and good conversations  – Ok, top 1 is cheating because I’m putting two experiences in one, but hey its my top 5, I make the rules. We were able to invite friends we made in Honduras to our house in León. Todd, Kelly and Liesbeth stayed with us for a week. It was fun to share the house and set the table for a crowd. In Granada we met Bob and Susan from Canada. We started talking in the morning and ended up spending the day with each other. I loved the fun and intelligent conversation and it let me miss friends and family a lot less.
  2. Sliding down a volcano – How cool is that, sitting or in Rainer’s case standing on a wooden boards sliding down an active volcano! Seeing the sunset was just the icing on the cake.
  3. Parque Infantil in Léon – In León we found it hard to get into contact with other families and kids. But when we found the Parque infantil close to the city centre with tree houses and toys we were even happier.
  4. A dance and a kiss – Anton loves to dance. When he likes the music he dances in the streets not caring yet what other people think (being 2 years old pretty much everything he does is adorable anyhow). So he danced one night in the streets of Granada, taking this little girl’s hand, dancing with her. When it was time to go she came over, said „adios“ and they kissed on the mouth – so sweet.
  5. Taking a walk with the dog – Our house in León came with a dog. Actually he is a street dog but he lives abound the house getting fed. So by the end of the month we got to know each other and he became to like us. He even followed us around town and into a store. We miss him.


  1. I had a great time in Leon with you both and miss breakfast and dinner as a make-shift family. It is an experience I tell everyone (that will listen) about. I am so glad to have met such kind and generous people. Thank you for your hospitality and I look forward to seeing you 3 again! T

    • Anton really missed you. All of a sudden he’d say. „I’m sad because Todd and Kelly are gone.“ Or “ look! An L like in Liesbeth.“ It was very nice having you around. The house was so quiet after you all left. Have fun with your family and happy travelling 😉

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