Writing or cleaning?

We’ve done it! We are home. Sleeping in our own beds. I have my computer back. Times in which I’ve cursed about the wordpress iPad app are long gone. Life should be perfect. Far from it.

Unfortunately our tenants haven’t been the cleanest of all people. They brought a dog (without telling us) and have been smoking in Anton’s room (which pisses me off the most). So we spend the first two days at home cleaning. Finding broken glass everywhere. It’s been like an easter egg hunt, just without chocolate.

But still, home is home and we are glad to be back. Anton stormed into his room discovering all his toys for the second time. But most of all he has his friend and neighbour back. It’s like before, they are inseparable and haven’t had an argument yet. It’s wonderful. They either eat with us or next door. And we are happy to see the neighbours, friends and family, too (haven’t done that much, since we spend the time cleaning…). 🙂

Monday our life should somewhat get back to normal, Anton in Kindergarden and we have our own little projects planned. Making carneval costumes for example.


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